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Brand Campaign / Conception / Event / Marketing / Web Strategy / Web Development

When we look at the freestyle skiing community, visual documentation is an integral part of today’s experience. On the one hand it seemed only logical making use of this fact offering Kronplatz a unique strategy: Supplying the skiers with one online-platform to channel and share their skiing experience via a hashtag-system and a community website. On the other hand we invited professional sport photographers („your professional photo shooting“) and provided consequent coverage throughout Kronplatz’ social media channels, which proofed to be widely successful within the community. Furthermore we designed a campaign to extend the audience for the less-adventurous – mainly families and elderly – by organizing events and bringing the FUN from the mountains to social media. Of course we collaborated with the shapers of F-Tech Snowparks to customize obstacles throughout the park.


Photography by Harald Wisthaler & Daniel Eggert
In collaboration with F-Tech Snowparks