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Museion TECHNO Event Development & Curation, Communication
Event Development, Activation, Digital Marketing

Objectives: To increase awareness of the TECHNO exhibition and the Museum of Contemporary Art MUSEION in Bolzano. Establish Museion as an "agent" and "enabler", as well as a cultural and event venue for the art & culture scene. Increase the number of visitors to the TECHNO exhibition.

Strategy: To achieve these goals, a series of events happening during a 6 month period, was developed. A total of 5 events were created, each with its own focus, external impact and content/program. The leitmotif for the concept was the local and regional electronic club music scene from the 90s to the present. Parallel to this, a separate section was set up on the first floor of the exhibition, which reappraised the history of South Tyrol in this area over the decades in the form of a museum. This provided a place of attraction outside the events. The events were held in different locations and floors of the museum in order to bring the house closer to the visitors also structurally on different levels. To meet the high demand, the events were livestreamed with several (static and mobile) cameras on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The recordings were subsequently processed and archived for the museum's archive. The live streams made it possible to reach a large number of the target group inside and outside the country's borders in addition to the audience on site.

zukunvt was responsible for the entire project management, the conception, the artistic curation of the events, the technical management, the communication (PR, offline and digital), the digital campaigning, as well as the implementation, coordination and documentation on site. We were able to contribute our years of experience as festival promoters and organizers of countless events (both sub- and high culture) throughout the German-speaking world. More than 50 local and international participating artists contributed to the success of the 5 events. All events were completely sold out.

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