We are a group of interdisciplinary strategists, creators, consultants and entrepreneurs. Working together as a team.

What makes us special is our wide range of backgrounds. That's why we're able to approach projects from a multitude of perspectives and provide you with new and unexpected solutions.

Viktor Matic
Brand Management, Business Development, Management

As a founding partner, Viktor leads the Brand Management division as well as being part of our strategy team. He manages high-profile branding and business development projects. He is passionate about trends and future developments in the industry, which is why he is also one of our two registered innovation consultants (MISE).

Moritz Gruber
Strategy, Business Development, Management

Our go to guy for everything related to business development and interdisciplinary innovation. As a certified business consultant with many years of professional experience, he is able to combine his roots as an entrepreneur in the field of culture & sports with his passion for developing sustainable business models.

Arno Parmeggiani
Campaigning, Marketing, Management

Arno is our PR and marketing pro. Always curious and blessed with a go-getter mentality, he is able to connect the right people with the stories our clients want to communicate. He asks the right questions and implements effective measures. He also takes care of our clients in the field of arts and culture.

Bartholomäus Traubeck
Brand Management, Creative Direction

While being passionate about concept and brand development, he is also fluent in brand strategy, art direction and all things digital media. Having started his career as a successful media artist with international exhibitions, he is now in charge of brand development and communications strategy at zukunvt.

Stephanie Innerbichler
Brand Management, Graphic Design

Stephanie's background as an interdisciplinary designer and her passion for layouts and detailed graphic design make her our senior designer. Having worked as an in-house designer for companies as well as in traditional agencies, she knows all aspects of the client-agency relationship. A perfect background for operational management of design and branding projects.

David Kiebacher
Head of Digital

David leverages the most effective technology and communication channels to achieve clients' established marketing goals. He understands all aspects of performance marketing and his data-driven approach allows him to work across disciplines on a wide range of projects.

Giulia Cestaro
Project Management

For Giulia good planning is at the center of daily operations . Being very familiar with the business world, she follows and manages projects with interdisciplinary teams, acting as an interface between the different areas of expertise.

Laura Graf

Laura is part of our branding unit. After her studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and the ELISAVA design school in Barcelona, she worked for various communication agencies in Italy and Germany. As a graphic designer and photographer, she knows how to explore all the aspects of visual communication, from concept to implementation.

Miriam Tessadri
Design, Content Creation

Miriam is a graphic designer with 15 years of professional experience. Attention to detail, empathy and a creative mind enable her to understand and implement the wishes and subtleties of others. Her heart burns especially for editorial and event design, typography and beautiful paper.

Domenico Nunziata
Content & Social Media Management

Domenico takes care to develop and implement editorial plans that work well, working mainly on social media. He is always trying to connect his humanities knowledge with that of the digital sphere. He studies Modern Literature in Trento and currently lives between South Tyrol and Tuscany.

Julian Ortler
Digital & Web Marketing

Julian has a strong marketing background, which he is always expanding. He has gained experience in the biggest marketing agencies in South Tyrol, as he always tries to learn from the best. Julian is both a thinker and a doer, always trying to create real, measurable added value in projects. No matter if alone or in a team.

Johanna Pauer
Graphic & Design

Johanna is a multi-faceted graphic designer who is always looking to expand her knowledge and skillset. Besides helping clients realize their design-visions, she explores interdisciplinary design approaches in the Master of Eco-Social Design at the University of Bolzano. To her, design is a profound discipline that calls for a systematic approach, attention to detail, but also experimentation and a healthy dash of funk.

Max Goggi
Photographer & videographer

Max is a young, creative photographer and videographer who is constantly exploring new techniques and perfecting his skills. His passion for visual arts is reflected in his work, which requires precision, creativity, and continual improvement.

Silvia Bucciol
Digital Marketing

Silvia is passionate about digital marketing and social media. Her empathy and determination set her apart. These qualities, combined with her experience as a B2B marketing consultant, allow her to define effective strategies that lead clients to the achievement of their goals.

Johanna Pichler
Strategy, Project Management

Johanna has gained experience in hospitality marketing and consulting over the past few years. For her, precise planning and structured project management are the foundation for successful outcomes. Her passion lies in developing innovative and creative concepts and implementing them with enthusiasm.

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