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Strategic solutions and business consulting for companies, cooperatives and associations.

1. Analysis

Understanding the needs, analysing strengths and weaknesses, understanding the status quo as accurately as possible

2. Structure and direction

Conduct workshops, arrange chaos, align stakeholders, define goals, use available potential

3. Create solutions

Working together to develop a clear strategic plan with realistic and feasible measures

Are you an entrepreneur, managing director, founder of a start-up or member of a cooperative?

Then you probably know some of these challenges:

"The development of my new product is too unstructured, the processes are inefficient."

"It's hard to convince others of my idea."

"In which market segment does my product have to operate? Who are my competitors? Which partners and customer segments are essential?"

"How can I distinguish myself in the marketplace from my competitors?"

"What are my clients' needs?"

"How should I define my key figures in order to measure the success of the product as transparently as possible?"

A clear and concise strategy ensures that...


... all stakeholders work towards the the common goals.
... investments are made in a target-oriented manner.
... attention is paid to the ROI (return on investment).
... motivated employees and partners are found.
... efficient channels for communication are chosen.
... a strong brand is created.
... and much more.

Our services:

Strategy development can be a complex issue, but it does not have to be. We always try to use the most efficient processes, tools and services, individually adapted to your project, to make the project flow manageable and cost efficient. Specifically, we offer combinations of the following services. What is actually necessary for your project will be defined in a joint discussion.

These customers entrust us with their projects:
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