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A Magazine on Art, Design
and the Zeitgeist in Vienna
and beyond.

A Priori Virtual Journey & Website
Concept / Video Production / Webdevelopment

A priori is a platform for conversation. This magazine is the occasion and venue for special stories. The content ranges widely and there was no preconceived theme. The resulting kaleidoscope in A priori ranges from interviews about careers in the creative industries, on the Austrian film scene, architecture and music, Instagram Stars, the thrill of an auction, journalistic writing, to a look behind the scenes of one of the biggest TV productions of the country, art from Berlin and Basel, an outstanding fashion shoot, PR Tips, a love letter in Las Vegas, a dinner on the dam, patisseries, which look like ceramics, design in its different applications and more. We developed a video featuring Stuart Freeman as the narrator and a website for the magazine.

Initiated by A B C Communications and Studio Es, Design by Studio Es.

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