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The Agency for Press and Communication (Landespresseagentur - LPA)

Research, conception, communication strategy

The Agency (LPA) has traditionally used Facebook as a communication platform to report on the activities of public institutions and the regional government of South Tyrol. In order to expand their reach and engage with a younger audience, the LPA launched three new Instagram channels (one for each language group: German, Italian and Ladin).

The goal was to inform the citizens of South Tyrol in a lively, authentic, and entertaining manner. Additionally, a detailed graphic concept was implemented to ensure a consistent and professional appearance for political communication and public relations. As part of our collaboration, comprehensive channel strategy, workflow management, installation of template software solutions, and addressing data protection issues were all included.

The entire zukunvt team is proud to have contributed to the strategy and concept and to have achieved significant milestones together with the Press and Communication Agency team in terms of interaction and follower growth.

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