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Angewandte Base
Interfacedesign / Logosystem / Screendesign

Angewandte Base unites all digital services the University for Applied Arts Vienna offers with the aim of having a single platform for every need. A flexible app-based structure makes it easy to add features and services. At the moment this system hosts a search-platform with a wide variety of use cases, drawing information from the university's own archives but also from the biennale archives  as well as others, a cloud-storage solution and the management and scheduling system for courses and classes. A portfolio management system and a showroom, making these portfolios available to the public are currently under construction. The whole system will be released under a open source license, cooperations with other Austrian universities and schools are planned. Our task is the interface-/screendesign as well as the flexible logo-/iconsystem, through which new icons for new features can be generated on demand. A thorough styleguide helps in the design and implementation of of new apps and features.,



Illustrations: Stefanie Hilgarth

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