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Im Bauch

EM2 Arch Retrospektive
Exhibiton Design / Curation / Graphic Design

The buildings of EM2 Architekten aim for classical architecture far from short-lived trends. Their designs source from the region and try to further the approach of building on and with a location. EM2 Architekten stand for subtle designs without hyperbolic intellectual pretense. Together with Thomas Egger we developed a holistic concept for the exhibition which explores the biography of the three architects. The result is a space divided into three parts: The Belly of the Architect, the core of their work. The Process, which represents their studio's background and the internal processes by means of finished and unfinished models. The final part, Digested, shows projections of landscapes, materials and buildings from the in- and outside. We developed the spatial concept, signage and the printed matter.

EM2 Architekten

"Bauen ist gesellschaftliche und kulturelle Verpflichtung."
EM2 Architekten

Together with Thomas Egger.
Photography by
 René Riller.

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