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Concept / Identity / Interior

The original 'Mozartstüberl' was more than a century old with its famous marquetry scene on the back wall, allegedly featuring Mozart as a character, and therefore was well known in Viennas small scene of night restaurants. What it made up in atmosphere it unfortunately lacked in quality. So when in 2015 the new owner took over the briefing was that it had to be 'completely different, but not much should be changed'. What seemed paradoxical at first, later turned out to be sound approach to renovating and repositioning the restaurant on a budget. We kept all the things that were custom made decades ago and threw out all the unnecessary decorations. We implemented a cozy adaptive lighting system, added some newly upholstered vintage furniture, wrapped the whole thing in new graphic design (owls and old timey fonts) and helped in making sure the place served higher quality fare and drinks.

Together with Sebastian Leitinger.

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