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Tanzen Ist Auch Sport
Brand Identity / Design / Cultural Communication / Events / Marketing

Here’s a slogan that keeps extending it’s area in many senses. Rather than just tagline it has become a vision that brings together like-minded people. "Tanzen ist auch Sport" is not a manifesto for hedonism and pleasure, but the idea to generate an environment of collective culture without genre boundaries and have a common base to appreciate the taste of avantgarde aesthetics in all its forms.

Combining music, performance and art, always with a focus on the 'live' element, "Tanzen ist auch Sport" is creating an opportunity of free expression for those who want to further their own artistic language. The label and the slogan at this point become a plattform for different identities of individuals who can find a part of themselves in this vision. From Berlin to Los Angeles people are united under this slogan to perform, produce and enjoy art without disregarding the fact that entertainment is a significant way to get a kick out of life. Out of the "wupwup" collective the Tanzen ist auch Sport label was born, which is partly owned and fully managed by us to this day.

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The slogan came up during a no-sleep-much-fun weekend with Alex Unteregger,
and is now a well known expression all over Europe.

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