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Garda Trentino
Research, conception, communication strategy

Over the past year we have been working on the Garda Trentino brand architecture, the merger of the organizations Garda North Lake, Comano and Valle di Ledro.

zukunvt was charged to create an integrated and recognisable structure between the Garda Trentino umbrella brand, the territorial brands and the sub-brands of projects, events, sponsors and B2B partners (Garda Trentino Crew Card), while maintaining an independent and potentially autonomous presence.


The conception of a coherent and effective brand architecture for Garda Trentino as well as the systematic definition of the communication system were developed with the aim to bring all those individual brands together under a single brand, communicating a common vision and strategy. Working with a large number of stakeholders and align them towards a common vision was a main challenge of this project.


We created further extensions and adjustments of the brand architecture, logo and brand elements and the brand manual, along with different campaigns, including on-and offline touchpoints. Here is a small selection of print products that we've made for

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